RAB should be abolished or disbanded

Only any uncivilized society or state can give the permission to kills the people without justice. Is Bangladesh a uncivilized country? Everone can make this question. Because, the extra judicial killing and torturing are very common in Bangladesh. No one can stop extra judicial killings in Bangladesh. Limon Hossen is a college student. He was continuing his study by hard work at a brick field. But now he is disabled. He can’t walk. Though, he is in the bad of Hospital, police confined him as a ‘bona-fide criminal’. Actually, Limon is an innocent who has victimized by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). After RAB shot a leg of his has been cutted. Who would be able to give justice to Limon Hossen, we don’t know?
Thousands people including Sumon, Tutul, Nirapod were killed by RAB and thousands including Pappu, Limon, journalist F M Masum were brutally tortured by RAB. But, RAB still doing inhuman activity. There is no right to life in Bangladesh. In spite of the Government didn’t banned RAB. Why? RAB should immediately abolished for human rights and for the rule of law.
To killing and to torturing are evil works of RAB and the government. After every killing or torturing RAB and government says that, at the gunfight he or she has been killed or injured. There is no new. State and RAB also wanted to proved that the Euro Bangla Editor Jahangir Alam Akash is a ‘Yellow Journalist and Extortionist’. RAB also wanted to kill him. Because, he was disclosed their atrocities. He was protest against extra judicial killings in January of 2005.
Tikka Khan (35) is the latest victim of RAB. He was killed by RAB in Pabna on 26 April, 2011. How many blood, killings, torturing, game need of RAB and of the Government to stop this inhuman activity; we don’t know? People needs justice. Who will give it from Bangladesh? There is no justice. How could make justice by unjust system, government, society? RAB should be abolished or disbanded.


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